Friday, 15 March 2013

Tom and Jerry in...blackface

You might have heard about blackface in the years. T&J was one of them!

You might know that blackface is now racist. Back in the 1940s, many cartoons featured people in blackface. One of them was, of course, Tom and Jerry.

Like that article I was talking about over His Mouse Friday, these guys have been racist until Warner Bros. took over MGM's library. Like for example, when Tom's head goes into something and suddenly a piece of dynamite is in there and it explodes, Tom's face is shown with red or orange lips and a black face. This is called blackface.

Tom, Jerry, and Spike in blackface in The Truce Hurts.

Blackface has been seen in many Tom and Jerry cartoons (though Mammy Two-Shoes could have been seen in blackface, that is if we could find her appearence!), but that was one of those products resembled at the time. In Saturday Evening Puss however, Mammy Two-Shoes' face might have been shown in blackface. If you don't beleive me, take a look!:

If I'm wrong, then I apologize for this. Anyway, blackface has been the most racial stereotype in American history. Al Jolson, a famous and legendary singer, was one of those who performed in blackface.

However, here's something I never told you about His Mouse Friday: those black savages were the reason why the cartoon got banned, and, allthough most of the characters were in blackface, Tom wasn't. This in turn makes me believe that Tom was a white person and Jerry wasn't.

However, I also want to point out, two cartoons were removed from Volume 3 of the Spotlight Collection. The cartoons were named Casanova Cat and Mouse Cleaning. They were removed from the set by Warner Home Video due to the offensive scenes below:

 There had been some cases however that their mouths were normal instead of those mouths frowning. Examples include The Little Orphan, Safety Second, His Mouse Friday, The Milky Waif, and etc.

Now to conclude the article with more pictures of Tom or Jerry in blackface, I have been telling you a lot about blackface in Tom and Jerry. Now the discussion has ended and today, when there is Tom and Jerry, there will be blackface.

For More photos Click Here --->  Tom and Jerry:

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