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Funny Cartoons Pictures

Funny Cartoons Pictures

 Who knew cartoons had so many unintentionally filthy things happening in them? Thanks internet, for taking the time to screen grab just the right moment! Extra credit to those who went the extra mile by animating some of those naughty bits! Last chance to keep all your fond childhood memories in tact! Accidentally Naughty Cartoon Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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Horror Cartoon Movies

Before I start with the list, some explanations: Those are not necessarily my favorite movies. Those are movies I believe to be special in one way or another, movies which I think offer something different from the standard animated movie. And while I numbered the list, most of the placements are pretty much exchangeable – to make it on the list, it had to be a full-length movie (regardless of theatrical release, though don’t expect any TV specials), it had to be a stand-alone (not a sequel or TV-show based) and it had to offer something special, preferably in terms of animation (though sometimes I went for well written plots and characters, too), but the placement itself very much hinged on my personal experiences with those movies.

I also tried to be as diverse as possible, especially in terms of the different types of animation out there. Some of the movies of the list are very well known some are fairly obscure. Awards don’t make much of a difference to me, even though there are some award winners on the list. I also mostly went for older movies, because I believe that it is one thing if a movie is relevant and impressive the year it's made, but another thing how it is seen when the years pass. So, please don't complain that let's say "The Little Mermaid" isn't on the list. It's a great and important movie, but what I was searching for is mostly "different".

I don’t claim to have seen every animated movie out there, so naturally I might have missed some real gems. Feel free to suggest some more obscure movies if you like, but if it’s a well known one, it is very, very likely that I have seen it at one point or another or will see it sooner or later.

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Dash and Catch Game Review

If you enjoy dodge ball, chances are, you'll enjoy Tom and Jerry Dash and Catch. It's a simulation of the popular kid's (and sometimes adult) game. You will get to choose your own team, made up of three cartoon characters. You get to choose from Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Same, Dick Dastardly, Fred Flintstone, Tom Fudd and Wile E. Coyote. Pick three and then get ready for battle. May the toughest, most accurate team win!
Dash and Catch Game In this game, you will use the keyboard controls to both choose your team and throw the ball. You will be able to adjust the amount of force you use. Throw it hard when you need to and let up when necessary.
Tom and Jerry Dash and Cash will test your ability to react, stay focused and think quickly. If you are able to master the aforementioned, you will play well. If you can't, you won't.
This game utilizes Flash technology. The colors are vibrant, the game entertaining and the overall playing experience is good.
The next time you need your Tom and Jerry fix, give this game try. You will find that it more than satisfies. It's fun, super simple and gives you a chance to once-again play volleyball, even if you are only able to do so virtually, this time around. Dodgeball may be banned in America's elementary schools, but it's not banned online. Play on and have a good time!
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Characters of TOM AND JERRY

Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse were the stars of the popular cartoon, Tom and Jerry. Many fans, except for biggest ones, probably have no idea that Tom was originally named Jasper and would later be dubbed Tom Cat or Tomcat by some. Tom was a domestic shorthair feline who was gray in color. He was mostly the aggressor in the cartoon, constantly going after Jerry, the mouse, though Jerry played a role in the antagonism. He would often bait Tom until he would begin chasing them and together the two would cause all sorts of mayhem as Jerry was a small, ordinary mouse, who lived in Tom’s house.
Tom and Jerry first aired in 1940 and was originally produced by MGM, by the famed animation producing duo, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Tom and Jerry would continue to star in cartoons and movies into the 21st century.
Tom and Jerry appeared in a cartoon. Both had cameos in the Puss Gets the Boot cartoon. When the duo stared together in Tom and Jerry, the premise of the show played off the adversarial relationships that cats and mice have in real life. Except in this story, Tom rarely ever tried to consume Jerry. That wasn’t really the point of the cartoon. The focus was always the chase and the comedy and entertainment that it provided for viewers.
The Tom and Jerry show wasn’t the first time that
Though Tom was the bigger animal of the two and a predator by nature, his size and basic instincts didn’t win out over Jerry’s smarts. Jerry would use his wits to out duel Tom. Now, there would be times when Tom would get the best of Jerry but only rarely. There would also be times when neither would come out on top. These ended being draws but entertaining ones no less.
Even though Tom and Jerry was rivals, they had a soft place in each of their heart’s for each other. If either of them were ever truly in danger, the other would come to the rescue, although the chase would eventually resume.
Throughout the series, there were several female

 characters that Tom was interested in romantically. They included Toots, from Puss n’ Toots and another character by the same name, who appeared in The Zoo Cat. Toodles Galore, however, was his most notable love interest.
There would be a few times when Tom would apparently die, only to show back up in the next episode. He would never stay dead for long. Surprisingly, even though Tom and Jerry were the main characters of Tom and Jerry, they rarely ever spoke. The show’s supporting characters had much more to say then the show’s stars.
There were some people who felt that the Tom and Jerry show was too violent, although there were never any gruesome or gory scenes. What would pass for controversial then wouldn’t come close to doing so now. The show was popular amongst children, both older and younger. Many of today’s, older adults are still fans of the show. It holds a special place in their hearts. Younger children and teens are also being acquainted to the show via reruns and the more recent series, Tom and Jerry Kids.
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Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Tom and Jerry

is one of America’s most iconic cartoons. Many older adults grew up watching the cat and mouse duo engage in the battle of the wits, with Jerry (the mouse) almost always managing to get away. Overall, the carton was an enjoyable one and beloved by tons of fans, many which remain fans of the series even today.

The relationship

  between Tom and Jerry was one of love and hate. Though every episode Tom chased Jerry around, even attempting to eat him a few times, the two would work together when it was necessary and even seemed to like each other sometimes. Now, Jerry wasn't the innocent in all of this. There were times when he would instigate Tom and get stuff started. 

Tom and Jerry was produced by Rembrandt Films in 1960 in Eastern Europe. The production of the carton would eventually make its way back to the United States, in Hollywood. Sib-Tower 12 Productions handled production duties beginning in 1963. That would last for about 4 years, between the years of 1963 and 1967.
Tom and Jerry chase The Tom and Jerry series kept resurfacing throughout the decades of the 1980s, 80s and 90s. A movie was even produced in 1992. Tom and Jerry: The Mansion Cat, was released as a television short and aired in 2001. Tom and Jerry Kids, aired in 1990, and lasted until 1994. Younger versions of Tom and Jerry, Spike and Tyke and Droopy and Dripple were the show's primary characters.
Fans of the series were able to purchase a total of 30 shorts when the Tom and Jerry Deluxe Anniversary was released in 2011 to celebrate the cartoon's 70th anniversary. In 2009, the Tom and Jerry: The Chuck Jones Collection was released. It featured two DVD discs and 34 cartoons, along with two documentaries.
Time Warner currently owns the rights to the iconic cartoon, via their Turner Entertainment division. Warner Brothers takes care of the cartoon's distribution. Several spins offs have been produced via Turner Entertainment, amongst them, Tom and Jerry Tales.
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